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Thursday, 19 July 2018

Get, Set, Vrooom….

In an interview, Eric Holthusen, Chief Technology Officer, PETRONAS Lubricants International (PLI) with Chemical Today Magazine discusses the global demand for higher quality lubricants by the growing automotive industry.  He also mentions the changing dynamics of the lubricants business with the rise in 3-D printing and electric vehicles.
By Shivani Mody
Global trends in lubricants industry. 
Internal combustion engines are getting more sophisticated with increasing demands on emission reduction and fuel efficiency. This trend calls for higher quality lubricants that can better manage engine heat and provide increased protection against wear anddeposits. The demand for better efficiency goes across all engine and drivetrains, changing the technology for passenger car and truck lubricants. 
Changes in manufacturing processes, for example, the emergence of 3-D printing replacing some metal working in production,will also impact the type and technology of industrial lubricants. Electrification is another megatrend that will change the passenger car drivetrain technology significantly in the long run.

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