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Thursday, 5 July 2018

Brenntag to acquire CCC’s chemical distribution business

Brenntag AG has signed an agreement with Canada Colors and Chemicals Ltd to acquire the company’s chemicals distribution business (CCC).
Headquartered in Toronto, CCC offers a full-line portfolio with operations in the main industrial areas across all of Canada. CCC serves a highly diversified customer base in industries such as life sciences, water treatment, coatings, construction, energy and mining.
CCC maintains well-invested, scalable and flexible facilities across Canada to store, blend and package industrial and specialty chemicals and products. Its Life Science offer includes a state-of-the-art ingredients application lab, several own formulations and a highly qualified technical staff. CCC’s blending capabilities and formulation expertise in the oil & gas business opens interesting synergetic business opportunities with Brenntag Canada’s Oil & Gas operations. In addition, the company’s own truck fleet will extend Brenntag’s value-added service offering.
“With the acquisition of CCC, Brenntag strengthens its focus and specialties capabilities in both Life Science and Material Science. CCC’s broad positioning and extensive product and service portfolio perfectly complement Brenntag’s offer to our customers and suppliers,” said Steven Holland, CEO of Brenntag Group.

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