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Monday, 27 April 2020

Agilent Technologies’ is widely recognized for its extensive range of instruments standards and most importantly the GPC/SEC columns. All of them are the best choice for studying biodegradable polymers. The columns produced by Agilent are used for organic and aqueous eluents, solvent mixtures and high polarity organic eluents. The columns are stable and suited for all biodegradable materials. The best part of Agilent’s columns is that there are a wide-range of particle and pore size options available. This makes it easy for any company to choose a particular column based on molecular weight of the material which needs to be studied. The best quality output is available through the GPC/SEC study.

Agilent GPC/SEC Columns offers:

Accuracy - repeatable, consistent molecular weight distributions
High performance - rapid system stability considerably increases sample throughput
Versatility - perform both GPC/SEC and LC on the same system
Simplified data analysis - control the instrument, collect the data, analyze the polymer in three easy steps
Add sophisticated detectors - get more information about polymer size and configuration by adding light scattering and viscometry detection at any time
Reduce solvent costs - automated recycling when the polymer peak is not eluting
Unattended operation - let the 1260 Infinity II Vialsampler fully automate your workflow
Even higher precision - system stability makes peak integration easier and extremely reproducible

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