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Saturday, 29 February 2020

Big Industries Can Budget Funds For Waste Disposal

What are the concerns & issues regarding the waste generated by the large, medium- and small-scale industries in India? 

Waste is an issue generic to all industries big and small. The difference lies in only one fact that big industries can budget funds for waste disposal whereas the MSMEs who work on smaller working capital bear difficulty in sparing funds for waste management. 

Waste management if managed collectively becomes cost effective for the MSME but if a SME is standalone then it becomes a cumbersome task to  manage funds for waste management. In such a situation instead of placing onus on the cash strapped MSME, the Municipal Corporations need to come up with innovative solutions to handle waste generated at a cost affordable to a MSME company.

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Friday, 28 February 2020

Utilisation Of Spentwash In Crop Production

What are the concernes regarding waste generated by the Brewers & Distilleries in India ? Give us an idea regarding the same for Karnataka Brewers & Distillers.

In Karnataka there are 33 molasses based Distilleries and one grain based Distillery are producing about 40 crore litres of Spirit per annum and generating about 4000 million ltrs.of effluent.  This has high plant nutrient value, but if used indiscriminately could cause ground water and enviromental pollution.

What are the technologies used to treat the distillery spent wash and make it a suitable bio-compost ?

The residual sugar present in molasses is fermented using suitable micro organisms which is used for generating alcohol.  After distillation what remains behind is spent wash which has still lot of energy in the form of organic matter.  Therefore, the effluent is further used to generate methane gas in the process called bio-methanation.  Methane is used as source of energy, either for producing electricity or heating the boilers.  After this process of biomethanation, what remains is treated spentwash, which is further used as a rich source of plant nutrients either by directly applying to the crops in the field or after converting it to bio-compost.  For this purpose, another by-product of the sugar industry viz; press mud is used.

Wednesday, 26 February 2020

Waste Management Expo 2020

We have been inspired by the “Clean India” mission, an initiative taken by the Indian government. The purpose of the mission is to incorporate effective waste management systems across the nation. Waste Management Expo (WME) will contribute to this mission by bringing together technology providers, experts, manufacturers, end-users, government bodies, waste recyclers, local authorities, stakeholders, retailers and dealers at one place.
WME intends to provide people with the necessary knowledge and tools required for processing domestic waste and industry waste. WME plans to create a decentralized system for segregating, recycling and transforming waste.
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