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Wednesday, 8 August 2018

Why adhesives have more than sticking power

Adhesive solutions can play a key role in helping packaging manufacturers to achieve their food safety objectives and to optimise production efficiency.
By Jude Liddle
In a world where it’s increasingly important to deliver high-quality products every time, adhesive selection can make a real difference. We’re not just talking about consumer safety and compliance with regulations. Choosing the right adhesive also can generate efficiencies in the production line and lead to better product performance.
Keeping consumers safe
Let’s start by looking at consumer safety, as this is a pressing concern for manufacturers. There may not be much adhesive in a regular food package, like a box of breakfast cereal or biscuits, but to ensure safety for consumers, the supply chain needs to be closely connected, including through the selection of raw materials.
Adhesive selection is currently a hot topic for food packaging makers. The migration of contaminants, such as saturated hydrocarbons including MOSH and MOAH, is a key concern, particularly as sustainability efforts continue to increase the use of recycled materials.
Given the importance of food safety, it’s vital that the impact of any new raw material on the production line is thoroughly evaluated. Folding cartons or corrugated boxes do not usually come into direct contact with food products, but packaging makers and downstream users of that packaging want to feel fully confident that consumers will be safe. That’s why, at H B Fuller, we provide packaging makers with food contact status declarations and continuously work on solutions that give them further ownership of the compliance process through all stages of the manufacturing journey.

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