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Thursday, 30 November 2017

DSM launches new tasty, firm-textured Swiss cheese

Royal DSM NV has launched its latest addition to its Swiss cheese portfolio, DelvoCheese SW-250. Created to answer consumer demand for tasty, ready-to-use Swiss cheese, the new culture delivers excellent flavour, consistent quality, more efficient production and reduced ripening time for mature Emmental-type cheeses.
Swiss cheese continues to grow in popularity worldwide, because of the increasing demand for flavoursome, conveniently-packaged processed cheese, with characteristics such as longer shelf life and improved slice ability. Meanwhile, traditional production processes have struggled to meet the growth in demand for tasty products that can provide these attributes in an affordable, efficient way.
DelvoCheese SW-250 has been developed specifically for the efficient manufacture of mature, firm-textured Emmental-type cheeses, and guarantees consistent end-product quality, sensory profile and signature eye formation while creating cheese with distinctly Swiss, isovaleric and clean notes.

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