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Thursday, 9 February 2017

Raising product quality to meet global expectations

In an interview, Rajesh Malhotra, Managing Director, Everest Group of Companies with Chemical Today magazine tells about the rising international standards, which has made it invariable for Indian companies to use modern age vacuum pumps and other equipment to make high-quality products and stand up to the global competition.
Everest’s journey in vacuum pumps sector
Vacuum Pump industry is fast growing in India. Currently, this industry is dominated by foreign players because vacuum pumps and related technologies are new to our country. Application of vacuum finds use in nuclear and semiconductor industry and for this reason, India was always kept at a distance and thus, we had limited access to this technology. Everest has been working in vacuum related processes and technology and applied it to use in various chemical processes including pharma, agro, food processing. Everest has developed new processes, using a combination of vacuum pumps and allied accessories, which is widely accepted by the pharma and chemical industry. 
Everest was the first to introduce high vacuum oil free boosters 20 years back. Today, it is again the first Indian manufacturer to successfully design and manufacture dry screw and energy efficient vacuum pumps, to meet the ever-growing industrial demand. Everest has to its credit the development of 100 percent indigenous MVR Mechanical Vapor Recompressor, both for pressure and vacuum duty applications. Everest Group of companies are the proud recipients of National Awards from the Hon. PM, for their outstanding work in R&D and related areas.
Trends in the Blowers industry
Everest is a pioneer in Blowers and Pumps covering the entire range including pressure duty applications and vacuum duty applications. The group has two primary laterals, one catering to the pressure duty applications while the other caters to vacuum duty applications. The both laterals are fast growing as there is a consistent growth in both the sectors. The pressure duty applications cover effluent treatment plants, sewage treatment plants, portable drinking water plants,  chemical plants, pneumatic conveying applications, furnace, process industries etc., whereas the vacuum applications cover vacuum dryers, used oil refining, edible oil refining, zero discharge plants, roll metalizers, CVD and similar applications.
Advantage of vacuum pumps over steam/water based pumps
Dry vacuum pumps are a great technical development over the conventional steam/ water based pumps, mainly due to following reasons.
a) Highly energy efficient over the conventional steam/water based pumps.
b) Since they do not require any motive fluid like water or steam, the effect on the environment is practically nil.
c) They do not require any pre-treatment and post-treatment plant like water softener or pollution equipment.
d) They are compact, reliable and easy to operate.
e) They allow a greater level of automation and regulation, permitting greater process flexibility.
f) They are economical and have a short payback period.
Growth potential of vacuum pumps/systems in emerging markets
Vacuum industry in India is still in its infancy stage. There are very limited indigenous manufacturers offering products & services as per global standards. This has created a market for foreign players and large quantum of advanced vacuum pumps, gauges & allied accessories are being imported.  However, today there is a growth in the Indian industries that are gearing up to meet the international levels of design and manufacturing and this would result in a good growth in vacuum pumps and blowers, especially for energy efficient and eco-friendly solutions. The general awareness to conserve energy and minimise pollution is a big factor for all companies to switch to modern pumps and blowers, replacing the old inefficient polluting options.
Growth potential for blowers industry in emerging markets
India is developing at a fast pace and is probably fastest growing economy as on date.  Industrial development has brought in improved processes having least impact on the environment, consuming minimum energy, economical and reliable. Emerging markets, like India, have to go a long way for development of equipment & processes targeting low energy intake, high product quality and zero effect on environment to meet our Prime Minister’s “ZED” (Zero Effect Zero Defect) vision. Everest is able to offer all the above expectations for their pumps and blowers and expects a good growth in this segment.  The same may not be true for industries who are not able to meet the expectations of the industry.
Key factors driving the global industrial vacuum pump market
Application of medium to high vacuum environment is finding use in practically all areas like nuclear, solar, semiconductor, space, chemical, pharma, agro, polymer, oil refining, solvent recovery, zero discharge, etc processes. The growth in the above sectors have created the need for high quality, reliable vacuum pumps & allied equipment to improve the process and making them energy efficient, fast and less polluting.  The markets are going global and every manufacturer has to raise its product quality and standards to meet the global expectations. This global awareness has created opportunity for many to invest in research to come up with new products and processes.
Comparing vacuum pump requirements in Asia Pacific markets with developed markets of the US/Europe
The Indian chemical industry, in the recent years, has transformed drastically to meet the international standards set by the developed markets like US & Europe.  There was a time when products from developed markets were considered good and products from developing markets were un-acceptable. The same is not true today. Indian manufacturers have raised their standard of products and successfully compete at par with developed market products. In order to manufacture such products, the need for good pumps and process plays an important role.   Indian companies have started in investing in in-house R&D and are moving away from "copy technology". Today we have hundreds of products manufactured in India which is accepted well in all developed countries. Everest exports pressure & vacuum systems to advanced counties line Germany & USA.
Automation level in new age vacuum pumps
Improved processes and process reliability has raised the level of automation.   Every process and allied equipment like pumps, blowers etc., go through many process variations and in order to work effectively, the entire process variation range needs to have sensors to sense and modify as per the process variation maintaining consistent output/product quality. The variations could be atmosphere, weather, temperature, raw material inputs, etc. But the final product must have consistent quality.  Everest has a complete team of qualified people who are able to provide solution and automation for all variations that the process may encounter during its manufacture and ensure consistent quality output.
Everest’s expansion plan for vacuum pumps business
Everest has undertaken an expansion program under its both laterals-  Pressure and Vacuum divisions. The state of art plant infrastructure and machinery has been planned to ensure that the products manufactured to meet international quality standards. Our focus is not only on the final product but we are setting high standards for in-process operations at all levels of working.  Everest now targets global market and with our proven successful track record, we shall surely be the market leader.  In the year financial year 2017-2018, we hope that both our expansion programs would be fully functional and operative.
Everest’s focus on R&D and innovation
Everest is probably the only Indian manufacturer in our segment, having in-house R&D facility recognised by the Govt. of India and approved by the Department of Scientific & Industrial Research (DSIR), under the Ministry of Science & Technology. Everest’s R&D centre is run by a very competitive research team which is working round the clock to meet the ever-growing customer's expectation offering reliable, tested and tried solutions.  The latest development is Dry Hybrid Screw Pump and Mechanical Vapor Recompressor.
Unique ways of addressing customer problems
Everest offers a turnkey solution right from the design to final commissioning supported by efficient after sales service.   Customer education and training have great importance to ensure that the process and equipment developed are maintained and run for best results.   Everest has a technically qualified after sales service team who offers full assistance as and when needed for the smooth operation of process and equipment.
Everest promoters are all qualified technocrats and create a best mix of senior experienced players complemented by innovative and hard working juniors.   Everest team is unique in its composition and this mix ensures us to take the company to new heights.   We see challenges from global players and global entries but are very sure that with our in-house talent, vision and dedication shall be able to meet the same.
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